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Abena Maternity Pads

Published: April 30, 2019

The Abena Maternity Pads are specifically designed for mothers to cater for light to heavy levels of postnatal incontinence, allowing to focus on what matters most, their newborn child.

This maternity pad allows the mother to feel dry and comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe whilst offering protection against leakages. It can be easily fixed into normal underwear using the adhesive strip on the back of the pad.

This specialist pad can also be used for other types of incontinence, as this pad can absorb both blood and urine, including incontinence during menstruation and post-operations. It also features super soft and flat lengthwise barriers to provides ultimate protection whilst on the move.

Benefits & Features:

- Specifically Designed for Mothers

- Feel Dry & Comfortable

- Super Soft & Secure

- Can Be Used for Periods & Post-Op

- Pack size 14

- Absorbency 800ml

*Pairs well with the Homedics Full Length Maternity Pillow, Abena Baby Wipes & Bambo Nature Diapers.