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Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest
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Embody Care
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  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE & ANATOMICALLY MASSAGING! - Get rid of sore and tired feet with your Embody Care desk foot rest ...Fast & Easy! The first thing you’ll notice about your under desk footrest is that it’s anatomically designed to massage pressure points in your feet. That’s right! Kick off your shoes and enjoy the Most Comfortable foot rest stool. In fact, of all the footrests our engineers have tested, they believe the Embody Care foot rest for desk is by far the best!
  • QUICK, EASY HEIGHT & ANGLE ADJUST! - Lets face it... It’s frustrating when an adjustable footrest fails to perform it’s job quickly and easily… But you’re in luck! Our engineers at Embody Care pay attention to the most precise details of your ergo footrest to ensure that it adjusts, swivels, and moves exactly like a great adjustable foot rest is supposed to. It can even be used as a wheelchair footrest - Not only does your Embody Care footrest come equipped with ergonomic massaging technology and quick, easy adjusting.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & SUPER DURABLE! - A quality office foot rest should not only look great, but also Be Great... Your Embody Care footrests are designed to be Ultra Durable and Long Lasting. And not only that, but your office footrest also impedes & eliminates rust. That means your adjustable footrest will Last Longer! Premium adjustable foot rests are meant to be used daily… with our quality engineering and designs backing your new foot rests …The Relaxation Never Stops!
  • PERFECT GIFT THAT IMPROVES HEALTH! - Unlike other ergonomic foot rests, our folding footrest was designed to focus on 3 keys of improving your health… Key 1 is Posture: Raising your knees with your footrest for desk, posture self-corrects over time. Key 2 is Circulation: Using a well designed adjustable foot rest, your feet move, preventing circulatory problems. Key 3 is Reduced Pain: Proper foot position reduces pain in your back! Give the gift of health.

​       Features:    

  • Versatile with Quick & Easy Adjustments:
  • Ergonomically Massages Tired Feet:
  • Improves Your Health in 3 Key Ways:
  • Designed Durable with Premium Materials:

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